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Jamaica and Qatar join the International Ice Hockey Federation

(The Mothership)–ZURICH —  The International Ice Hockey Federation has added Qatar and Jamaica as its 71st and 72nd member nations. The IIHF says Qatar will become a full member after an audit, and Jamaica joins as an associate member. The decisions were taken at the governing body’s annual congress in Helsinki, Finland, during the world championships. The IIHF says Qatar formed an ice hockey body in 2010 and has two rinks in Doha. The tiny desert nation runs a five-team national league. Qatar is the third member country from the oil-rich Gulf region, following the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Jamaica formed its federation last year with one rink, and is the first Caribbean member of the world body.

Hey, I guess those ads were right…hockey is for everyone…even Qatar and Jamaica.  I can’t put into words how badly I want to be the player/coach for the Jamaican Olympic Team in 2018.  Just move down to that tropical paradise and mold those young guys into the best and baddest hockey players the West Indies have ever seen.  And the Jamaican Ice Hockey Federation won’t have to beg me to coach them like they had to beg John Candy either.  I will be there with bells on and whistles blowing.  Again!…AGAIN!…AGAIN!!! I’ll do whatever I have to do to make this happen.  Hell, I will have someone trip Usain Bolt out of the starting gates so he doesn’t qualify for the Olympics.  Then recruit him to play hockey so he can be the only modern athlete to compete in both the Winter and Summer Olympics.  You can’t teach that kind of speed.  First order of business…make this dude team captain.


***UPDATE: Jamaican Hockey already has at least one puck bunny…

Sup, baby?

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