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Courtney Stodden acting like a cat

So in case you don’t know who this chick is… her name is Courtney Stodden and she is famous for being a bat shit crazy.  She is 16 years-old, looks 24, and is somehow legally married to a guy that is like in his 50s.  Not sure how that works, but it’s how she got famous.  Now she is a singer and poses with her clothes off and shit.  I have always found her annoying, and I always felt a little weird looking at pictures of her because she is underage and I don’t know what the protocol is for creeping a chick that is hot and married, but also 16…so I left it alone.  Also, she has always annoyed the shit out of me.  On the surface I feel like I should hate this video.  I hate cats and I am basically just opposed to Courtney Stodden.  However, I think this crazy bitch is growing on me.  I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at this video.  Just so ridiculous and this is what her “career” has been reduced to.  Already well past her prime at age 17.  But whatever….purr you crazy bitch, purr!

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