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Are the NATO Summit Protests like Chicago PD Christmas?

I think deep down in places Chicago Police Officers don’t talk about at parties the NATO Summit Protests are their favorite days of the year.  I am sure there have been hundreds of times in their careers when the Cops wish they could teach some drug dealer, or woman beater, or general scum bag, but they remarkably keep their composure.  NATO is a different story though.  Deviants, derelicts, and anarchists have come from all over to basically just be assholes and wreck shit.  They call themselves peaceful protestors, but the video above tells the whole story.  It’s obviously not peaceful.  They march directly at the Police when there are certain areas where they know they can’t go.  They try to break the Police lines by pushing through and taunting until the Police are forced to react.  Then they all whip out their cameras and claim police brutality.  Bullshit.  While I am sure there are some legit peaceful protestors amongst the crowd, they are still associating themselves with these stupid anarchists who have been plotting terrorist attacks, carrying around containers of urine and feces, and damaging the city.  So if this is how these losers want to behave…then I say the CPD has every right to tune those guys up.  Let out some of that pent-up anger.  Some douchebag throws a bag of urine in your face…throw a billy club in his.


PS: I know there are some people who really are peacefully protesting and I am obviously not wishing harm on any of them.  At the same time…look at who you associating yourselves with.  Some of the lowest forms of humanity on Earth.  There is more than one way to show your displeasure

PPS: This whole thing really fires me up because these idiots are protesting some of the only governments in the world that allow protesting.  How do you think this shit would go down in China?


Double PPS:  I am actually proud of the level of restraint that the Cops have shown.  They are better men than I am.  They are doing the city proud and keeping normal law-abiding citizens safe.  Good work CPD.



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