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Adam Dunn and Jake Peavy are good…wait, what?


So I tuned into the Cubs-Sox game today for a little bit.  First time I have watched White Sox baseball all season because…I mean…why would I watch the White Sox? Just so happened to be in the top of the 4th inning right before Adam Dunn hit his home run.  I nearly fell out of my chair when they showed his numbers for the year.  14 HRs, .390 OBP, slugging .596, and on pace for 120+ RBI…umm WTF?  I mean yeah he is still striking out a ton and only hitting .247, but who cares?!? Those are unreal numbers for Adam Dunn.  That’s the player they expected to get when they signed him.  The weather hasn’t even turned yet and the ball is still flying off of Dunn’s bat.  US Cellular is a power hitter’s dream when it’s hot outside.  Part of me thinks that he just can’t possibly keep hitting at this pace, but if he does and the White Sox win the division MVP talks shouldn’t be out of the question.  I really enjoyed making fun of Dunn last year and I just assumed that contract would go down as one of the worst in White Sox history.  I am completely floored by the year he is having.  Never saw it coming.

Then just when I thought I couldn’t be more shocked…Jake Peavy came out for the bottom of the 4th inning.  I vaguely remember someone telling me that Jake Peavy was the AL Pitcher of the Month for April.  That sounded ridiculous and I just assumed they meant comeback pitcher of the month or something.  More ridiculous than me assuming he was winning comeback pitcher of the month which doesn’t even exist.  I honest to God thought Jake Peavy was pitching out of the bullpen this year as like a setup guy.  His numbers are even more baffling than Dunn’s in a way.  I thought Jake Peavy was on the Kerry Wood plan.  A once great pitcher trying to battle injuries and age who was clearly on his way out of baseball.  The graphic showing his 2.39 ERA was literally jaw dropping.

I realize that admitting I completely ignored the White Sox is probably not a good thing since I am building a blogging empire based on Chicago Sports, but whatever.  Starting now I will officially sort of keep an eye on what they are doing…ish.  Once the new site launches(which is coming soon, hopefully tomorrow) I will have a regular White Sox writer to make sure this Chicago Sports site appears to care about the White Sox.  I don’t hate the White Sox. I am glad they are doing well and have a shot to win the division, but they are just…whatever.



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  1. May 25, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    They’re tearing up the AL

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