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Map of Europe Changing over the last 1000 years


I realize that I might be the only person who thinks this video is awesome or blog worthy, but it’s my blog so I will do what I want.  This video was a time machine.  Not in the obvious way, but for me personally.  When I was in grade school I would love to look at the giant maps hanging at the front of the room.  The teacher would be up there babbling on about god knows what and I would sit there quietly just getting lost in the maps from like 16th century Europe.  Just passing the time looking at places Prussia, The Ottoman Empire, and the various City-States in Italy.  Then just praying that it would be changed the next day so I would have something new to look at.  If there were no maps in classrooms I probably would have been the valedictorian.  Oh well…I think I’d rather be a smut blogger than a scientist or whatever job valedictorians get.


PS: Yeah I am nerd, so what?  If I am not watching sports or smut TV I am watching the History Channel or the Science Channel.

PPS: I literally couldn’t even spell valedictorian.  Thank you spell check.

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  1. Cara
    May 18, 2012 at 11:40 am

    Nerds are the new in thing lol :o)

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