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Why is everyone so pissed off at Tortarella?



This is just a small sampling of the negative reactions towards New York Rangers Coach John Tortarella following his post game press conference.  I just don’t get it.  What do you people want from him?  Do you want him to bash his players in the middle of the Conference Finals?  Do you want him to be a bumbling jackass like Rex Ryan?  He fulfilled his media obligations and honestly…I LOVED IT.  Not giving an inch.  Total hard ass.  Imagine if people showed up to ask these reporters why their column was so shitty.  I wonder how they would like it.  Keep doing you Torts.  In general I think it’s better to error on the side of Belichick than to be like Rex Ryan.


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  1. Deez
    May 17, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    So funny how the media throws a fit for shit like this. Tortarella’s job is to win as many hockey games as possible, hopefully win the cup. The media acts like it’s his job to be an entertainer.

    Seriously the media is everything that’s wrong with this country. When it comes to politics, the gov’t tells them what to say and what they can’t say. When it comes to sports, the media acts like little children, slandering anyone who doesn’t agree to play their awful, awful game.

    Most post-game questions are fucking retarded anyway. “Were you disappointed with the perfromance?” Um…. they lost bro. He’s probably disappointed. “Are you going to try harder in Game 3?” No, they’re going to pull a LeBron and just quit. Fucking retards.

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