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Girl gets freaky with a warthog.


Effing chicks, man I tell you. This video sums them up in a nutshell. I mean this guy is ready to go.  Just trying to charm her pants off.  A little kissing, a little foreplay, but she just won’t give in.  Then the second he acts like he is no longer interested the girl caves and heats things back up.  Like this chick obviously wants this Pumba guy.  She wants it and he wants it so why play these games?  All it does is annoy us.  Pumba doesn’t respect her more, he doesn’t want her more, he just wants to get down to business.  Let it happen girls.

PS: I am legit grossed out by this video. I think this might qualify as bestiality porn.  Gross.

PPS: If this Warthog can pull a blonde like that I need to take a long look in the mirror.  Clearly I am doing something wrong.


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