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67 year-old man dies while getting lap dances in a strip club

(Daily Mail)–A 67-year-old man died after enjoying a number of lap dances at a strip club. Robert Gene White, from El Paso County, Texas, was at the Red Parrot strip club on Friday night. Manager of the club said the elderly man had been getting lap dances, but when it came to paying the dancers, he was unresponsive. He was take to a local hospital where he was declared dead from natural causes. El Paso County Sheriff’s officials have not released other details. An investigation is underway.


I wish the headline from this story said “Man dies from motor-boating accident”, but I guess that doesn’t draw as many people.  Say what you want about Robert Gene White, but the man died doing what he loved and that’s all anybody could ever really ask.  RIP Bobby White.

Here is what I want to know though…does the stripper that killed him take some sort of pride in this?  Obviously she wouldn’t want to kill anybody, but I think deep down in places she doesn’t talk about at parties she probably sees this thing as a badge of honor.  Like her stripping was so hot that it literally broke a man’s heart. I feel like that is probably great advertising.  Like “Oh man, you’ve gotta get a lap dance from Cinnamon.  She is the best.  She is so smoking hot that one dude dropped dead“.  So I am sure none of the strippers wanted this to happen, but I bet all over them sneaky wish they were the that murdered the lap dance.



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  1. Cara
    May 16, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Poor Bob, too much blood must have been wildly streaming to his nether regions and his old heart couldn’t handle the additional demand.

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