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These UVA Lax brahs have me re-thinking my entire stance on lax brahs


Full disclosure…I HATE lacrosse.  I just hate everything about it.  I feel like they are just a bunch of JV hockey players and kids who weren’t athletic enough to excel at the real sports.  However, what I have always hated more was the “lax brah” culture.  Just doing dumb shit for the sake of doing dumb shit.  Like they just try way to hard to be cool and funny and different.  They have to draw attention to themselves because nobody gives a shit about a bunch of white bread dorks.  Having said all of that…I don’t know…maybe I am wrong about these guys.  I love this video.  I feel like I could very easily be one of those brahs just wheeling around trying to act all serious/fake tough because it’s funny.  The sport is really taking off.  It’s on ESPN all the time and people are constantly talking about how it is surpassing baseball in terms of participation.  Part of me thinks that I just missed being a lax brah because I was born in the mid-80s instead of the 1990s.  Like maybe I would have been a professional part-time lax brah right now had I been born in 1991 and didn’t want to play real sports.  Who knows.  Keep doing you lax brahs.  I am starting to dig it.


PS:  Anybody who thinks that Lacrosse will become a major sport in the American landscape is flat-out nuts.  I don’t care how many kids play it growing up, it just isn’t made for TV.  So slow and too much one on one stuff.  It takes all the worst parts about basketball and hockey and mushes them together.


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