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I think Kobe Bryant might just snap and murder someone


If I had to bet on one athlete to commit a violent crime this summer it would be Kobe Bryant.  The guy just seems stressed out of his effing mind.  I hate Kobe as much as the next guy, but even I am starting to feel bad for him.  His wife is trying to divorce him and he doesn’t have a pre-nub, the other All-Star on the team(Gasol) is a complete pussy, the second best player on the team(Bynum) flat doesn’t give a shit about basketball, and it leaves Kobe to say that the only guy he can count on night-in-night-out is the craziest guy on the team(World Peace).  I mean the divorce alone is stressful enough on its own.  Imagine having to wake up every day to a woman you can’t stand, but you have to kiss her ass and trick into leaving so she doesn’t leave the marriage with $250m.  That sounds about as miserable as it gets.  Then he has to go to work and try to get Gasol to not be afraid, has to try to get Bynum to actually show up, and has to keep World Peace from assaulting people.  That will wear a guy out.  There is not one aspect of his life where he isn’t constantly putting out fires.  Home life sucks, work life sucks, and he probably realizes that his career is over.  No more championships.  Couldn’t tie Jordan.  Part of me thought he would throw that table and go after the reporter, but Kobe restrained.  It’s just going to keep boiling and boiling and boiling until he finally explodes.  My bet is this summer.  Hopefully before the Olympics.



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