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ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?!?!  The Chief does it again.  My Dancing With The Stars strategies are getting to a Belichick level.  No, check that, I am on a Sun Tzu level.  When it comes to Dancing With The Stars strategy I am playing Chess while everyone else is playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.  I told Katherine what to do repeatedly, and the minute she listens she knocks out Maria Menounos.

Hopefully Katherine was scared straight last night.  It’s the semi-finals now.  Time to bring out the big guns.  And by “big guns” I mean her cleavage.  DO IT KATHY BABY, DO IT!!!

 I love Katherine, but I just don’t think you can take the high road to victory.  Right now Katherine is winning the hearts and minds, but Maria has America by the balls.  So the score is 2-2.  It’s time for Katherine to step up her sex game.  Use that cleavage.  Fight fire with fire.  You can do it Katherine.

The score was deadlocked for weeks on end.  2-2.  Katherine with the hearts and minds and Maria owning America’s balls.  In order to break the death match Katherine had to go down to Maria’s level.  She had to slut it up.  It almost killed her, but Katherine brought her maximum sex and it ended the competition.  Clearly loosened Maria’s grip on America’s balls and broke the tie.  Perfect scores couldn’t save Maria.  3-2 Katherine as a final.  The snake charmer salsa tickled Americans in jus the right place.  Rose up and gave her the victory.  Damn it feels good to be a champion.  Now Katherine is free to be herself in the final.  Just elegant and graceful as a princess.  We did it Katherine.  You and me together babe.  Next week is merely a formality.  Let the coronation begin.

Picking winners like it ain’t no thang…per usual. The Chief is wise.

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