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“CHITOWN” is the most important documentary in the history of Chicago sports


Chicago, we have a real opportunity here to reclaim our place as the cradle of basketball in America.  “CHITOWN” is a film that chronicles the first ever All-Star game between Chicago’s best high school talents from the South and West sides.  More importantly though, the film creates awareness about the horrible gun violence problem the city faces.  “CHITOWN” needs help to get over the finish line and WE as a city need to step up and get it done to restore our pride and curb a crisis.

Chicago basketball has had a run of bad luck lately.  DePaul hoops have been down for a generation, the Bulls got knocked out in the first round, and now Lebron has stolen Derrick Rose’s MVP award.  Now we need to help get this film made to take from Lebron the only thing he has ever won in his life…the Sundance Film Festival.  The Bulls might not be able to stop Lebron this year, but we can tell the world who is the best basketball city in America once and for all.  Best player in the NBA…Derrick Rose.  Best player in college basketball…Anthony Davis.  Best player in High School…Jabari Parker.  We need to take down Sundance and to show the world that CHITOWN churns out more great players than any city in the nation.

More importantly though, this film could perhaps help save a future great Chicago basketball star.  “CHITOWN” has the power to create awareness.  Perhaps it can help create a movement to get guns off the streets of Chicago so we never lose a player like Ben Wilson(2nd row, middle) again.  Ben Wilson is one of the greatest Chicago stars of all time, but was gunned down just before the start of his senior season at Simeon.  The trailer sent chills down my spine and had me reaching for my wallet.  Let’s get this thing made.

If you would like to donate to “CHITOWN” so the film can be completed and awareness can be raised click here.



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