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Who is the bigger drain on humanity: Andrew Bynum or Josh Beckett?


No bullshit, I hate these two guys more than any other athlete in sports.  More than Dwight Howard.  Even more than Lebron.  I might have them more than anybody in life.  These guys are just the epitome of everything that is wrong with the modern athlete.

I really thought Andrew Bynum hit a new low earlier in the Lakers-Nuggets series when he said he “wasn’t ready to play” before Game 4.  Like bro…you can’t get mentally ready to play a PLAYOFF GAME!?!?! Really?  He didn’t get to the arena on time so he basically just mailed it in and his team lost. I didn’t think it could get more pathetic than that, but he keeps out doing himself.  In Game 5 he wasn’t getting the ball enough so he basically threw a temper tantrum and got a technical foul and then just flat quit.  He probably should have gotten the ball more in Game 5, but hey guess what Andrew…maybe you teammates didn’t trust you.  Maybe they thought you weren’t ready to play again.  How does Bynum respond in Game 6?  By getting repeatedly beat down the floor by JaVale McGee and dominated by Mozgov and Faried.  Kobe is sick with a stomach virus and the Lakers needed Bynum to step up and be an all-star.  Instead he gets out worked by JAVALE MCGEE!!! JaVale McGee is notoriously lazy and the Wizards  gave him to the Nuggets for nothing because they couldn’t deal with him anymore.  Then Mozgov basically shut Bynum down.  The only thing Mozgov is known for his getting dominated and dunked on.  Bynum’s effort in this series has got to be a new all-time low.  Even Vince Carter must think Bynum is a quitter.  Having said all of that…I think Josh Beckett might have him beat.

It’s hard to say that one guy is responsible for the Red Sox epic September collapse(worst collapse in MLB history), but it’s totally all Beckett’s fault.  He gained 30 lbs of pure fat DURING the season by eating fried chicken by the bucket and slamming 24 packs of Bud-heavy in the clubhouse.  The team fell apart and he ran the most successful and most beloved manager in the history of the franchise out-of-town.  Terry Francona while jaded, actually seemed relieved to not have to deal with assholes like Josh Beckett any more.  Then this year his E.R.A. is basically infinity and he is still fat as ever.  Players get off to rough starts, whatever…but Beckett just clearly doesn’t give a shit.  Beckett skipped a start last week because he had a strained oblique muscle supposedly.  Too strained to pitch, but felt fine the next day when he decided to play golf.  When asked about the golf after getting lit up by the Indians, Beckett showed his true colors. “We get 18 off days a year,” he said. “I think we deserve a little time to ourselves.  I spend my off days the way I want to spend them“(full transcript here).  Poor Beckett, only 18 off days a year.  Hey bro…what about those 5 months from October to February?  Do those count as off days?  It’s just so frustrating.  The Red Sox are in absolute shambles and it’s because Beckett’s personality and sense of entitlement has infected the entire clubhouse.  The guy is a cancer.  If the Sox can trade him for a used fungo bat and a packet of Big League Chew that would be the steal of the century.  If not they should send him to AAA and just let him rot.  Get as fat as you want in Pawtucket you dickhead.  He can serve as an example of how not to behave for the Red Sox prospects. A cautionary tale.


At the end of the day Bynum and Beckett are birds of a feather.  Nobody gets less from more than these two jackasses.  Beckett has Cy Young talent and Bynum should easily be the best center in the game.  But these guys would rather just be fat slobs and collect checks as they destroy two of the great franchises in sports.


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