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Pretty sure Carlos Boozer amnestied himself in the post-game last night

(Mothership Chicago)– Carlos Boozer summed up his Game 6 performance and his Bulls’ postseason career in the same sentence late Thursday night. When asked if he thought he got good looks at the basket, Boozer quickly noted something that the basketball world could clearly see. “I just missed them,” Boozer said. “Some nights are like that. Some night you’re on fire, some nights you’re not. Tonight I wasn’t.” “I thought I played well, especially with the kind of season it was,” Boozer said, when asked to assess his second season in Chicago. “We had the best record again in basketball, won our division again, had the top seed again, that’s all that matters, yo.”

Carlos, you just summed up your entire sorry career here in one sentence.  If you had a tenth of the heart of Noah you could’ve made All-American.  As it is you just went from the dog house to the unemployment office.

I think I had the exact same look on my face while reading these comments as Carlos had in the picture above.  Just confused as hell.  Like there is just no way a sane person can come to the conclusion that he played well.  Biggest game of the year and you went 1-11 bro.  That’s not exactly getting it done.  But hey fuck it, right Booz?  Still averaged 15 and 8 for the series.  Had the top seed, that’s all that matters yo.

If it were any other player on the Bulls I would chalk it up as just trying to put a positive spin on a terrible end to the season. However, with Boozer I think he actually thinks that.  Like no wonder he plays such shitty defense…he probably thinks he is playing good defense.  I mean if 1-11 is playing well in his mind then getting beat down the court and murdered on pick-and-roll has to be first team all-NBA to Booz.  The guy just doesn’t belong here and he never did.  Rose and Noah are winners.  They will do whatever it takes to win.  Boozer is just going through the motions and that’s what he has done for his entire career.  He will get you 15 and 8, but it will be the worst 15 and 8 of all-time.  The Bulls made a huge mistake when they signed him.  When they struck out on the famed summer 2010 free-agent class, they panicked and just threw big time money at the first player they saw and hoped for the best.  The Bulls front office spent as if they thought they’d lose all that cap space if they didn’t use it.  They would be completely fucked going forward normally, but as a part of the new collective bargaining agreement NBA teams have the ability to shred one contract under the amnesty clause.  Boozer was a candidate to get amnestied before this series, but I think those comments sealed his fate.  Can’t win titles with guys like that.  Peace out Booz, it’s been real yo.


PS: With his dad being such a loser it’s no wonder Carlos’s son is looking in all the wrong places for strong male role models…


Can’t really blame the kid for turning on the family, but come on kid…cheer for the Celtics.

PPS: For the record if the Bulls do use the amnesty clause on Boozer they still have to pay him.  His contract just wouldn’t count against the salary cap.  He will be able to sit back and collect checks like he has been doing since he came to Chicago.

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