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Best shopping experience of my life

So the house just has a general lingering smell of dog lately and it’s effing disgusting.  I was desperate so I broke down and went to Yankee Candle last night get something to cover up the stench.  I had never been to Yankee Candle before and now I am disappointed that I have been missing out for 26 years.  Absolute best shopping experience of my life.  The place is an amusement park for the senses.  Walked around with a cute little candle girl smelling everything in the store.  Even though that was my first time there I am pretty much a candle expert now and I can say with conviction that “Loves Me, Loves Me Not” is the best scent in the game right now, the best.  Peace out dog smell, hello summer breeze.


PS: If you burn incense instead of yankee candles it means you’re a communist.  End of discussion.

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