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Ugh…Seriously, not now Kaner. Pat Kane allegedly choked girl at Madison party

(Deadspin)–On Monday we showed you photos of a soused Patrick Kane in Madison, Wis., and then we asked you if you knew moreabout what happened while Kane was there. We had heard some bad stories—that Kane supposedly choked a woman, that Kane supposedly said anti-Semitic things—and we wanted to know if other people had, too. But what, after all, is boozy truth? The chronologies in our Kane tale do not perfectly cohere, nor do the narratives of the events. But you ignore them at your own peril. Did Kane choke a girl? Is he an anti-Semite? Who knows? Dive in.

Kane came in at around 9:30 pm and he could barely stand. He got kicked out about 2 hours later for being blackout drunk and generally being the biggest asshole in the bar

 Kaner was pulling down girls sun glasses and then going “ehhh, not good enough ” just straight being a douche right to  their faces. Pretty strong move if you can pull it off.

Later in the day around 5:30 pm he got in a confrontation with a group of guys over a some supposed anti-Semitic comments he made towards one of the other guys. I was working at the door and they were talking to each other in front of me and across the street.

After the police intervened, they were very serious about wanting to arrest Kaner. Fortunately for him, the other party in the quarrel was being equally as abusive to the cops. It turned into much more of a “everyone just get out of here” thing instead of anything more substantial. I promise you one thing, Patrick did have tears in his eyes. I wouldn’t equate it to a full out sob, but it was absolutely in the whimper/misty category. I have attached a picture of him sulking. He quickly disappeared.

Ugh…probably the last thing on Earth the Blackhawks needed right now.  Look it, I LOVE Patrick Kane.  I have always defended his on ice game and have defended his pension for partying.  When the pictures of Kane partying and being hammered at Miflin I didn’t even blink.  The kid is 23 years-old and should be allowed to party like everyone else.  He has been in the NHL since he was 18 and didn’t have the college experience.  So if he wants to go up to Madison in the offseason and party his balls off, I think that is totally fine.  When it was time to work Kane always seemed ready to work.  I think almost every young player in the NHL parties like that.  My only issue with Kane’s partying is that he always seemed to get caught and I can’t figure out why that is.

This latest incident is something completely different.  Getting kicked out of bars, being an asshole, starting fights by yelling antisemitic slurs, and the worst of them…allegedly choking a girl.  Completely inexcusable.  I pray that this isn’t true and that it’s an exaggeration, but there are several witnesses telling the same story.  If it is true, whether charges are filed or not…the Blackhawks need to explore the trade market for Kane.  Which pains me to say because I believe he hasn’t even yet scratched the surface of his full potential.

The Blackhawks whole organization is a mess right now and certainly didn’t need another fire to put out.  If Patrick Kane is guilty of these alleged incidents then he MUST be traded, but who do you trust to make a move that will alter the direction of the franchise?  What value does he even have at this point?  He is coming off of his worst season as a pro offensively and doesn’t appear to have matured at all off of this ice.  Not a good time to be a Blackhawks’ fan.  The team has never been further from a Stanley Cup in the Rocky Wirtz era.


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