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Effing India is at it again. Tossing babies off a balcony.


So I have been sitting on this particular blog for a while, but this video just reminded me to write it.  A week ago I was up late at night surfing channels and came across a commercial for a company called “Surrogacy Abroad“.  Basically you can go to India and find a surrogate to have your baby.  Now I am all about people who want to be parents finding anyway possible to make that happen.  Having said that…you’d have to be outside of your effing mind to have your child carried in India.  Like…it’s India we are talking about here.  The place from where all bat shit crazy medical stories come.  Like the one where a guy went in for a routine surgery, but died in the hospital after his penis was eaten by rats.  Not to be out done by the 36 year-old man who was rushed to the hospital with a stomach pain…only to find out that he had been living with his twin inside of him his entire life.  Something tells me that your baby wouldn’t be getting the best prenatal care.  So while I sympathize with people wanting to be parents, I also think that if you went with surrogacy abroad your baby should be given to the State like immediately.



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