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Bulls vs Sixers Game 6 Preview: The Replacements


Look it Bulls fans, Michael Jordan isn’t walking through that door.  Scottie Pippen isn’t walking through that door, and Derrick Rose isn’t walking through that door.  Hell, who knows if Noah or Taj Gibson will even be walking through that door.   What we do know is that the replacements aren’t all that bad and they finally showed up in Game 5.  I have been leading the #BullsBandWagon into battle all series, and now things are finally starting to break Chicago’s way.  This team is talented enough to win on the road against Philly.  The Bulls had chances to win both Game 3 and Game 4, but couldn’t come up with big baskets when they needed them.  Those shots finally started going down in Game 5 and law of averages says it will continue tonight.  If the Bulls can keep up the defensive intensity, get a few more buckets from Carlton and Watson, and Deng has another All-Star type performance, there will be a Game 7.  Bench Mob is BACK!!! Survive.  LET’S DANCE!!!


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