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6 year-old turns unassisted triple play

Way to have your head on a swivel there shortstop.  An unassisted triple play is the most rare play in baseball.  Move over Josh Hamilton and Phil Humber.  This kid has got you beat.

Here is the real question though…should the Dodgers’ coach be fired?  I mean honestly that is the worst baserunning I have ever seen.  I mean that is a routine fly ball.  No way in hell any kid should be running on that.  Obviously whomever is running the show for the Dodgers isn’t doing his job.  Like maybe if this was tee-ball and the kids were four year-olds you could chalk it up to inexperience, but this is live pitching.  It’s the real deal.  Someone’s head has to roll on this one.  Fundamentals are the key to success.

PS: When I was 4 or 5 years-old playing little league in Boxford, Mass I think I had a worse base running error.  I was standing on 3rd in my very first game when the ball was hit and instead of running home I ran all the way back to first base where I was tagged out.  In my defense the 3rd base coach was yelling “Come back! Come back!”…I honest to God remember it like it was yesterday.  “Come back“? You serious bro? How about “Go home!” and point me in the right direction.  Come back can mean anything.  Do Your Job! That was pretty traumatic and I didn’t play baseball again until my post-grad year at prep school.  Who knows what could have happened if I had gotten proper coaching that day.  That bozo might have derailed a Hall of Fame career for all we know.

PPS: I made the varsity at prep school.  Started my career going 2 for 2 with 2 doubles….then didn’t get a hit the rest of the year.  Tried me at 3rd…failed.  Tried me at 1st…failed.  Tried me in all three OF spots…fail, fail, fail.  Pitched a little bit, had some success.  Was selected to start against our rival….walked the first guy then beaned 5 consecutive batters before the coach took me out.  Didn’t have my best stuff that day, but I still feel I could’ve worked out of that jam.

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