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French Bulldogs do the twist


I don’t want to hate on these two guys because I can’t even get my dogs to stop eating my dress socks, but this is really poor form.  I consider myself somewhat of a dance expert with a concentration in wedding dancing.  I like the enthusiasm of these two French Bulldogs, but I hate the execution.  You have to keep your feet when doing the twist.  Twist as low as you can, but you almost NEVER want to take that move to the floor.  That’s a desperation move usually performed by the drunk guy who can’t dance and is looking for a laugh.  You should definitely avoid that move and you should never do this move naked like these dogs are doing.  We’re all just trying to have a good time and they took it too far.  Full frontal right in everyone’s face.  I know you guys are French, but that kinda stuff just isn’t accepted in America.  Get some class.


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