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For the second time this year Katherine Jenkins faced elimination.  I hate to say it, but she is doing it to herself.  If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times….you can’t take the high road to victory in Dancing With The Stars.  The competition is all about conveying sex so pant suits and a dress that Catholic nun would find too conservative isn’t the way to go.  Especially when Maria Menounos’s theme seems to be “Sluts Around The World”.  This has been a recurring problem for Katherine from the get go and I have been trying to help her realize that less is more.  I guess you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make her take her clothes off.  That whole wardrobe malfunction was terrible, but it was totally avoidable.  Maybe instead of wearing something from Hillary Clinton’s closet she should have started in that little dress and removed clothing from there.

Now…having said all of that…Carrie Ann…STFU!!! An 8? Bitch you crazy?  Just because the dress sucked it doesn’t mean the whole dance sucked.  I think Carrie Ann secretly hates Katherine.  Tried her best to get her kicked off the show and it almost worked.  Last night was the first time I ever really watched the results show.  Sat there in a cold sweat and my hands shaking.  I could barely even grip the remote control.  Two and a half hours waiting to see if she would survive double elimination week probably took years off of my life.  If she got bounced last night it’d be over.  She’d go back to England and be out of my life forever.  I can’t do long distance internet stalking.  I don’t think I exhaled until they announced that Laura Ingalls was going home.  Hopefully Katherine was scared straight last night.  It’s the semi-finals now.  Time to bring out the big guns.  And by “big guns” I mean her cleavage.  DO IT KATHY BABY, DO IT!!!

PS: ABC obviously only posts tweets from the very best smut bloggers…

Thanks to everyone who sent me the picture.

PPS: I don’t understand how people can be all cool with Chris Brown.  Guy should still be in jail.

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