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CUBS WIN!!! Take 2 of 3 from Braves


Pitchers duel today at Wrigley Field between Paul Maholm and Tim Hudson.  Hudson blinked first.  Way to give up a run Hudson, you loser.  When you’re facing an ace like Paul Maholm there is just no room for error.  The Cubs are playing really solid baseball.  No bullshit, I believe winning is a part of the culture with the Cubs now.  The owners sent a message by hiring Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer to run the club.  They made big changes to the roster from 2011, but I think the hold-overs recognized that this organization is now serious about winning and are acting accordingly.  They aren’t world beaters, but they are on their way.

Real talk time here for second…is it time to see if either Anthony Rizzo or Brian LaHair can play other positions?  It was believed by many that LaHair was simply keeping Rizzo’s seat warm at first base, but he might be too good.  Lahair is hitting .384, has an OBP of .476, and has already hit 8 HRs.  Those are all-star numbers.  Meanwhile Anthony Rizzo is murdering AAA pitching.  He is hitting .357, has an OBP of .413, and has hit 9 HRs.  Rizzo is still struggling to hit lefties, and there is no reason to rush him to the varsity if Lahair continues to play well.  Having said that, the Cubs best solution long-term is to probably have both of those guys in the lineup.  Could one of those guys be shifted to 3B or LF?  It’s a good problem to have.

Cubs are playing well…LETS DANCE!!! SING IT JD!!!!


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