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Ask A Grown Man: Jon Hamm fields questions from teenage girls


I don’t know if this is supposed to be funny, but I was basically laughing through the whole thing.  I think just the entire concept is funny.  Here is another question though…how awesome is Jon Hamm?  I mean really though, the guy seems pretty normal and is the lead on the best show on TV.  I basically hate all actors, but Jon Hamm seems different.  He just seems to be having fun at all time.  Seems like a normal dude.  One week on the internet he is bowling against some nerds, today he is making up rap songs about 70s TV shows and giving out advice to young girls. I’d like to think that when this blog makes me world-famous and wicked handsome in six months to a year that I will still be the same person I am now, only richer and having regular sex. I wish I had enough followers to do a blog once a week where I just giving out ridiculous advice.  People should just start sending me questions.  I feel like you people out there probably don’t get my opinion on stuff enough as it is now.  Fire away tribe.  The Chief is wise.


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