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2 year-old baby genius accepted into Mensa

(Times Colonist)–He’s not out of diapers yet, but a Calgary toddler has become the youngest  person in Canada to join the ranks of the international high-IQ society,  Mensa. Meet Anthony Popa Urria. At two years and nine months, Anthony has a  staggeringly high IQ score of 154, just a few points shy of the estimated IQs of  Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. While most of his peers are singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and drawing crayon  scribbles, this bright toddler spends his time reciting the alphabet backward  and forward, counting to 1,000, and listing the planets in the solar system,  days in a week, months in a year and the seasons. He also speaks three languages (English, Spanish and some Romanian), can read  full sentences in books he has never seen before, can write his own name and  many other words, and can solve complex 70-piece puzzles, among his vast  skills.

Excuse me, but how is this kid a genius?  He can recite the alphabet backwards…big effing whoop.  Seriously who can’t do that?  I don’t think being able to pass a standard sobriety test makes someone a genius no matter how old they are.  Congrats on being able to speak three languages, but those three kind of prove my point that he isn’t that smart.  Like you’re Canadian kid…it’s a minimum requirement to be able to speak English and French.  As you’re extra languages you picked Spanish and Romanian…dumb.  Is there a more useless language on earth than Romanian?  If he were really so smart he would realize that he needs to be able to speak Chinese.  That’s the language of the 21st century.  Counting to 1000 ain’t no thang either.  I am pretty sure I could have done that when I was a toddler if I wanted to, but it was just too time-consuming.  I was too busy watching cartoons and climbing on shit to be sitting around and counting to 1000.  I knew my 7s time tables at age 5 though and you don’t see me bragging.  I mean yeah sure I only knew them from scoring touchdowns in Tecmobowl, but I still knew them.  All the way up to 84.  That’s how good I was at Tecmobowl.  This kid is sitting in a pile of his own feces, memorizing planets, and speaking Romanian while I was blowing out the Buffalo Bills…you tell me who the child genius is.

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