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Mexican Presidential Debates blow the doors off American Debates. Add Playboy models.

(Reuters)–Clad in a tight-fitting white dress with a cut below the neckline to show much of her cleavage, Julia Orayen was working as an assistant on the televised debate, which focused on the economy and the drug-related violence ravaging Mexico. At the start of Sunday night’s debate, Orayen walked in front of the camera to hand out cards to the four candidates, and created an immediate stir on online social media. The appearance lasting a few seconds quickly began trending on Twitter, generating thousands of mentions. Mexican newspaper Excelsior declared her the online winner of the debate. While many Mexicans celebrated Orayen, others condemned the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) for the incident, saying it had undermined the seriousness of the debate. The IFE later issued a statement apologizing to the citizens of Mexico and the candidates for the “production error associated with the dress of an assistant.” A Twitter account in Orayen’s name has picked up more than 7,000 followers since the two-hour debate. Orayen posed nude for the Mexican edition of Playboy in 2008, a spokesman for the magazine said.

Genius Mexico, absolute genius.  American voter turn out is pretty pathetic.  People don’t watch debates or know about any of the issues.  Well, maybe if we were as smart as Mexicans we wouldn’t have that problem.  Sex sells and Mexico knows it.  America really needs to spice up our debates.  Romney vs Obama is going to be a real snooze fest, but if they add in a few rockets as “debate assistants” then viewership will be through the roof.  American needs a more informed citizenry and there is nobody we’d rather get info from than hot girls.  Make it happen America.



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