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Justin Bieber’s swag just can’t be touched right now


I am not sure anybody has pulled more power moves in one week.  Biebs is just killing it lately.  Dropped his video for “Boyfriend” which was blazing hot then just rolls out with Floyd “Money” Mayweather as he wins another belt.  Like who is this kid?  The only thing that matches his talent is his star power.  I honestly don’t know if the Champ contacted Biebs to be in his crew or if it was the other way around.  I feel like it was probably Money calling Biebs.  Money is going to jail and needs all the positive PR that comes from having Bieber on his team.  My favorite power move was his selection of the video girl for “Boyfriend”.


I mean that girl looks exactly like Selena Gomez…only hotter.  I think that’s some high heat right in Selena’s face.  Just a little chin music letting her know that she is completely replaceable.  This will only make her jealous and want it more.  She is probably so nervous right now that she will do anything to keep Biebs satisfied.  Clinging on to his coattails for dear life.  Bieber is just on a different level right now.  Have to respect his game.


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