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Katherine Jenkins is BLAZING HOT

Katherine Jenkins just proving that there is a God.  There is no way a girl this perfect just happened by a random act of genetics and the universe.  No chance.  Some super genius created her.  Just an absolute masterpiece of a woman.  These pictures are burning up the internet right now.  Strutting around Los Angeles in those little flower shorts during the day, and then so sexy in that dress at night.  Unreal.  Just so hot in that see-through I can’t even stand it.  I feel like I should write an obituary for that dress because she absolutely murdered it.

I don’t know who is more rattled by these pictures hitting the web today…me or Maria Menounos?  Like obviously I am a little shaken by the fact that Katherine is everywhere now.  Everyone is obsessed with her and she is giving out love on twitter to a bunch of nobodies when I invented loving her like 8 weeks ago.  I can just chalk it up to her playing hard to get.  Just looking fierce trying to taunt and tease me.  Maria…she is effed.  Like Maria works for E!. She knows these pics are out there.  That’s gotta be intimidating as hell.  Katherine looking so god damn smoking on an off day, one can only imagine what she is going to bring to the table tonight.  Maria probably saw these pictures and completely scrapped her playbook for tonight.  Might just come out tonight and strip on the dance floor like it’s Argentina DWTS.  That’s her only play.  If Katherine is looking this fierce without even really trying then Maria has to know she doesn’t have a chance.  I am so intrigued.  Can’t wait for tonight.  This might be the final knockout blow to Maria.  She has been so resilient all season, but she can’t keep taking punches like this forever.

PS: If you are ever looking for actual dance commentary about the show you need to go here. Digital Spy knows their shit.

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  1. May 8, 2012 at 3:21 am

    Thanks for the mention. I think I should warn you that ALL British women are like this, ALL of them. We are a nation of Amazonian goddesses but are also very modest so we don’t talk about it much and you probably wouldn’t have heard about it in the media. Please for the sake of your health don’t ever visit the UK. I fear the radiant glory of the British female would be overwhelming and too much for you. I mean, imagine it, KJ multiplied by about 20 million. Makes you shudder, right?

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