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Joel Quenneville to Montreal rumors are running rampant and I am FREAKING OUT

(Yahoo)–There have been trouble signs throughout the last few months that Quenneville could be in trouble, and that’s underscored by the Blackhawks’ first-round elimination to the Phoenix Coyotes. Now, the inevitable question is raised: If the Blackhawks move on from Quenneville, does he become the next coach of the Montreal Canadiens? The Hockey Night in Canada Hot Stove focused in on the Canadiens’ coaching vacancy on Sunday night, with Elliotte Friedman going right to Q:

“If you ask people, in a perfect world Marc Bergevin’s hire would be Joel Quenneville, head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks. You say, ‘alright, that’s wonderful, but he’s still under contract.’ Well, there is a sense — if you watch Stan Bowman’s media conference at the end of the season in Chicago — that he wasn’t really happy with some of the coaching that was done this season. If the Canadiens come calling, would the Blackhawks be willing to listen?

“Bergevin and Quenneville have a close friendship that goes all the way back to when they were in St. Louis. Quenneville does have a French background. I don’t know how well he speaks it, but he at least knows it. I think if the Canadiens went down this route, there would at least be a conversation about Joel Quenneville leaving Chicago for Montreal.”

As CBC’s Tim Wharnsby noted, the Bergevin relationship runs even deeper. He suggested Quenneville come aboard in Chicago as a scout in 2008, and former GM Dale Tallon hired Quenneville for that gig and then as the team’s new head coach. Now, Bergevin and Tallon have both moved on from the Blackhawks, leading to speculation that Quenneville has run out of allies in the front office. There was talk of a rift between Coach Q and the Bowmans when John Scott was traded to the Rangers. There was more talk when Quenneville allegedly received some unsolicited assistance this season, according to Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago:

Quenneville and general manager Stan Bowman may not have seen eye to eye on all matters this past season, which might not be that unusual during a year that saw unexpected turmoil on the ice.

At one point, Director of Player Development Barry Smith was asked to help with some coaching — but not by Quenneville, according to multiple sources. That directive came from above. And at the team’s year-end press conference last week, Quenneville talked highly of Marcus Kruger’s job as the team’s second line center while Bowman said that Kane might be the best candidate for that position moving forward.


Is there any doubt that Stan Bowman is actively trying to ruin the Blackhawks at this point?  I mean it’s one thing to trade Brian Campbell for dog shit and then take the cap space saved and spend that money on more dog shit, but running a Hall Of Fame caliber coach out of town is another. Yeah…Hall Of Fame…that is exactly what Coach Q is.  He didn’t fall backwards into over 600 wins, a President’s Trophy, and a Stanley Cup.  The Blackhawks certainly had their problems this year, and the powerplay certainly struggled…but I honestly believe that Coach Q did the best with what he had.  This Blackhawks roster simply isn’t very good outside of the star players.  Stan Bowman did a poor job of re-constructing a winner.  Now he is looking to pass the blame on to someone else.  I mean it has to be Joel’s fault that Frolik scored 8 goals last year(Stan gave him a $2.33m a contract) and followed that up with 5 goals this year.  The goaltending…Joel’s fault.  I mean when you got studs like Ray Emery and Corey Crawford getting lit up you have to point the finger at the coach.  Counting on a 20 year-old to step in and take over Campbell’s role as a PP quarterback and top 4 defenseman…all Joel.  Paying $2m for Brunette, a guy who is old and could never skate…well I guess Joel should have taught him to skate better.  Pissing away assets for Morrison and Oduya…must have been Joel pulling the trigger on that one.

Honestly…couldn’t be more enraged by Stan right now. He sucks at his job and now he is cool with letting Joel walk so he has a scapegoat.  This is the biggest moment of Stan Bowman’s career.  If Joel leaves for Montreal Stan better demand the moon in compensation.  Joel is still under contract.  I am sure that Joel will just let him walk though.  Feels like that is what Bowman wants.  Well Stan, Hall of Fame caliber coaches don’t grow on trees and you father isn’t walking through that door.  And if he does he will be grey and senile.

Stan took a Ferrari, brought it to the chop shop, and then drove what was left off of a cliff.  END RANT #FIRESTAN!!!



PS: The Patriots are the only other team in sports with whom I have a passion for equal to the Hawks.  I am just not used to this type of mismanagement and incompetence.  It is driving me nuts.  I don’t know how fans deal with it because I have never really had to.

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  1. Jody
    May 7, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    I don’t even have words to express how angry these rumors make me. This is so rediculous. Q is not the problem. People are so quick to point the finger instead of looking at themselves…Stan Bowman

  2. JohnnyB
    May 7, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Him Leaving would be the Best thing for the Hawks since they hired Tallon as GM.

  3. DGB
    May 8, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Just so that it has been said, teams cannot ask for compensation when a coach goes to another team.

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