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China’s Youth vs America’s Youth…who ya got?

Representing China…

Representing the USA…

(Rancho Sante Fe, CA)–In Rancho Santa Fe a vacant home in the 18000 block of Avenida Alondra was targetted.  The $5 million – 10,000 square foot mansion was host to nearly 400 teenagers. Deputies found drugs, alcohol and a live DJ.  10News even found a twitter invitation for the party. “These parties are just hard to control. We are hoping that parents will help us.  The teens just scatter and it’s a safety issue for the public and for them,” said Lt. Kelly Martinez. The house owner and realtor had no clue.  Property manager Martine Andre said she was shocked. “The house was trashed. Vomit, cigarette butts, bottles everywhere. I no longer list homes as “vacant” because they just googled vacant homes, and they found it,” commented Andre. Neighbor Ashlee Enriquez blew the whistle on the party goers when she saw them coming down the road in droves, visibly intoxicated.  Deputies arrived on the ground and by a helicopter. “Right when the helicopter came kids went everywhere. We looked out the window and we saw kids running and jumping the fence. They were hiding in our bushes for hours afraid to come out and get in trouble. There was liquor bottles everywhere,” Enriquez said. Lt. Martinez said the party trend was made popular by the movie Project X, where characters throw an out of control rave.  “One house there was (sic) holes kicked in the dry wall.  Damages were at 50 grand.  Deputies rolled up and the kids were jumping off 12 feet (sic) balconies.”

Sure, on the surface it looks like America is in big trouble here.  In China kids are hooking themselves up to IV drips so they can just study their asses off and do calculus for like 96 straight hours while American kids are throwing absolute rippers in vacant mansions.  Looks like China has the upper hand on the future right…WRONG!!! What we have here is just two different types of intelligence.  The Chinese are book smart.  Just taking PEDs like you read about and getting plugged in like they are robots.  Meanwhile, American kids are free thinking problem solvers.  When was the last time you were asked “What’s the square root of 475,957?” Probably never.  Now…when was the last time you needed to figure out where to have a bombass time on the weekend?  Like every weekend.  Americans are solving the shit that matters.  Parties make a lot more money than math and until China figures that out they will always be number 2.  Advantage…USA!!! SING IT MILEY!!!


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