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When you got it….you got it. Picking winners like it ain’t no thang!

“If I was as good at picking the stock market as I at picking winners on The Bachelor I’d be a gazillionaire.  All of America was against Courtney and I, but real recognize real.  Courtney was just too hot, too wild, too sexy, and too diabolical for these other girls.  She was in it to win it.”–The Chief

“As long as I can remember I don’t think my head, my heart, and my balls have ever agreed on something.  Every fiber of my soul is telling me Katherine Jenkins is going to win this competition.  The girl has everything.  She is adorable, she is dripping in sex, great voice, unbelievable eyes, bombs like you dream about, great dancer, smile.  If she can cook she is the perfect woman.  I have never been so instantly in love with a celebrity(or anyone) in my life.  I wish I could buy stock in Katherine Jenkins because this chick is on the rise.  She is going to be a super-mega star stateside.  So in my totally unbiased, humble, expert, opinion…the Season 14 DWTS Champion will be Katherine Jenkins and it should be like Secretariat at the Belmont.”–The Chief


I’ll Have Another– 12-1 odds

I love this attitude.  This is a horse that just wants it more.  Greed is good and I’ll Have Another knows it.  I can just picture this horse demanding his trainers push him to the max.  More reps, more laps, more food, more challenges.  That’s the kind of attitude that will lead to more roses and more money.  Or…this guy just likes to party and I like that too.”–The Chief





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