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Bulls vs 76ers Game 3 Preview


I could sit here and give you a bunch of bullshit about adjustments that the Bulls need to make heading into Game 3, but it would be just that.  There is only one thing this Bulls team needs to change and that is its effort level.  The 76ers shot 59% percent from the field in Game 2 not because Doug Collins came up with the most genius game plan ever, but because the Bulls allowed them to run up and down shooting lay-ups all game.  It’s gut check time for the Bulls.  They can either continue to feel sorry for themselves and play like Carlos Boozer is their emotional leader again or they can stand and fight.  The Bulls won more games than any team in the Eastern Conference and they did it largely without Derrick Rose.  The playoffs are a different animal, but it’s time for the Bulls to play big boy basketball.  They aren’t a championship team without Derrick Rose, but this series will go a long way to determining if they are a championship team when he comes back.  As far as I am concerned everyone with the exception of Rose and Noah are playing for their jobs in this series.  Need more than 8 points from Deng and Boozer.  The Celtics just won a game on the road without an All-Star PG and a Hall of Fame SG.  They won that game with “grit and balls” as KG said.  That’s the kind of win the Bulls need to find tonight.  GET IT DONE! #BullsBandWagon



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