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I am still really intrigued by Obama’s college boyfriend Genevieve Cook



(The Australian)–The unnamed “New York girlfriend” from Barack Obama’s bestselling memoir, Dreams from My Father, was based largely on an Australian woman with whom he shared “the deepest romantic relationship of his young life”. Genevieve Cook, a girlfriend from the US President’s youth, has shared her observations publicly for the first time about his early emotional detachment and struggle with his racial identity. Ms Cook, the daughter of an Australian diplomat, has told the author of a new biography of the first African-American President how she met Mr Obama at a New York Christmas party in 1983 and briefly lived with him. In diaries written during their 17-month relationship, Ms Cook said Mr Obama’s admirable “strength” and “integrity” were mixed with a “coolness” and “smoothed veneer, of guardedness”. As they spent more time together, she realised he needed to resolve his ambivalence about being black or white and “it became very obvious to me that he needed to go black”.


So this story is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.  Every paper in the world is talking about this mystery former lover of President Obama, Genevieve Cook.  Yet every publication is failing to answer the most obvious questions about this chick.  Like first and foremost…what kinda circles was Obama’s running in back in 1983 that he was bringing home the kid of an Australian diplomat?  Also…Cook was 25 and dating a 22 year-old Barack…like that makes zero sense.  Was it possible that Obama is so sneaky smooth that he was just dating this chick for access to her old man’s political connections?  Was he starting his road to the White House all the way back in 1983?  Was Obama so desperate to be president that he would date a guy?  These are the questions that I need answered.  Obama’s life is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside of an enigma.  Nothing but questions.  Where was he born? How long did he live in Malaysia? WTF is Occidental College? Did he date a diplomat’s son?  Is he the cool guy that sings Al Green or the loser that plays basketball in sweat pants and wears mom jeans?  I need a hard style investigation on this guy.

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