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UPDATE: Obama not so cool, ex-girlfriend might have been a dude



(BuzzFeed)–According to Maraniss’s description: “Genevieve is five-seven, lithe and graceful, with auburn-tinged brown hair and flecks of brown, not green, in her hazel eyes.” In 1988, Cook married an Egyptian accountant, and changed her name to Genevieve Moustafa-Cook, according to the wedding announcement in the New York Times. She does not appear to have been in the news since.


Hey Barry…your girlfriend…woof! Dating a dude in college isn’t a good look man.  Not in an election year.  It doesn’t matter how warm you were sexually with this bro or how cool you played it…dating a dude is dating a dude.  On second thought, maybe it’ll help him. Could Obama be our first black and our first gay president?

In all seriousness, were girls just uglier back in the day?  Like Obama is a smooth cat, I feel like he should have had a hotter girlfriend than this.  I feel like any time I see old pictures from like the 1970s and 80s girls are just not as attractive as girls today.  Is that possible?  Have we evolved into a more beautiful species?  Do girls just know how to look hotter now?  Someone needs to answer this question for me because if girls are continuously getting hotter I feel like I should push back getting married for like 20 years.  At that point every other girl will be looking like Bar Rafaeli.

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