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Is Carlos Boozer the new emotional leader of the Bulls?


It’s playoff time and the Bulls have home court advantage.  This is why they lift all them weights, this is what they worked all season for, this is why they did all that shit…and they pissed it away last night with a lazy effort.  Yeah I know Derrick Rose got hurt, get over it.  They don’t have the luxury of feeling sorry for themselves.  The Bulls want to be taken seriously as title contenders, but they sure didn’t have the heart of a championship team last night.  The Bulls were successful all season because they played together, hit the glass, and played tremendous defense.  Last night it seemed as though they all just took on Carlos Boozer’s defensive intensity.  No hustle, no heart.  The Bulls should still beat the 76ers without Rose, but they can’t do it without playing the type of defense they have trademarked under coach Thibs.  The Bulls got their doors blown off in the 3rd quarter, but even in the first half the 76ers shot 52% from the field.  I really thought the Bulls would rally around this crisis and elevate their play.  Instead it looks like they have folded.  The Bulls looked emotionally defeated in that game.  Maybe the most disappointing game in Bulls history from an effort stand point.

The only guy that brought it last night was Joakim Noah.  Noah played a nearly perfect game.  He is a winner.  He is the type of player you need to win a championship.  Now the question is do the Bulls have enough of those guys?  There were a few people in Chicago suggesting that the Bulls should trade Derrick Rose because they played so well without him…that’s ridiculous.  As far as I am concerned the rest of the playoffs need to be looked at as an audition for everyone on the team besides Noah and Rose.  If Deng, Boozer, Gibson, Korver, Watson, and Brewer can’t come up with a better effort then they shouldn’t be apart of this team going forward.

I hope that maybe the Bulls needed one game to wrap their heads around this situation.  Maybe Game 2 will be a wake up call and the team will step it up going forward.  Like Thibs said, they’ve got two days to figure it out.  Let’s see what this team is really made of in Game 3.  #BullsBandwagon


PS: If you want to see what a team with championship heart looks like then watch the Celtics.  They were on the road, missing their all-star PG, their hall of fame SG, with zero depth up front, and down 11 late in the 3rd quarter…didn’t matter.  The Celtics flat refused to lose that game to Atlanta.  Everyone wrote off Boston because they were too old.  Well you can’t write off guys like Pierce and KG.  Too much pride.

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