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Katherine Jenkins made Helen of Troy look like Snookie last night


JESUS, MARY, AND JOSEPH!!! That rumba was possibly the sexiest thing I have ever seen.  Not even joking.  Better than porn.  I feel like the producers of Dancing With The Stars were trying to make this competition fair this week and stacked everything up against Katherine.  The rumba during classical week?  You serious guys?  That’s like making an NHL goalie play in figure skates.  Katherine just proved that she can’t possibly be stopped.  That little toga/Greek/Helen of Troy number she was wearing just oozed sex.  She made a slutty dress seem classy enough for a wedding.  Katherine really set the tone for the evening. Announced her presence with authority.  I was worried that since it’s a live show that it might just be over.  Like who wants to follow that?  There was only one dancer who wasn’t scared….


I gotta say…Maria Menounos is really growing on me.  The world needs villains too and Maria is really embracing that role.  Katherine the Angel dressed in white vs Maria the devil dressed in all red.  I felt the anger.  I felt the wickedness.  I felt the malice.  Maria was on a mission to destroy Katherine.  I feel like she should have danced to the Imperial March theme from “The Empire Strikes Back” to let everyone know that once and for all what she is all about.  This is a classic rivalry.  Good vs Evil.  It’s beyond anything we have ever seen in sports.  This dance to the death is biblical.


PS: I don’t know what these “team dances” are all about, but putting Jenkins and Menounos together is just not fair.  It’s like having Michael Jordan and Bill Russell in their primes on the same basketball team.



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