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Katherine Jenkins playing hard to get…I dig it

I was scrolling through my twitter feed today and my girl Katherine Jenkins was giving shoutouts to all these different people.  Just a bunch of Johnny-come-lately bandwagon jumpers that haven’t loved Katherine like I have.  Literal twitter kisses to some bro in Louisiana.  At first I was a little pissed.  Like WTF Katherine?  How are you going to play me like that?  Like I practically invented loving Katherine Jenkins and she flat refuses to acknowledge my presence.  But then it hit.  It was so obvious.  She is just playing hard to get.  Hey Kathy baby…I LOVE that game.  I’ll play it like Lionel Richie baby…all night long.  I’ve got dedication like you read about.  This is basically how it starts out with every girl I have ever been with.  They just act as though I am no big deal and they aren’t interested…then I just wear them down with humor, dancing ability, and sheer determination.  Then bam…they fall in love.  So let’s see that rumba tonight you little Welsh Wiggler.  I can feel your better judgement cracking.  And just remember….

PS: Hey @RanAnderson from Chicago…beat it bro

PPS: If Katherine Jenkins’s type isn’t the funny guy with Jackson Harris’s face and Henrik Lundqvist’s hair then I don’t know what to do.

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  1. Cara
    May 1, 2012 at 11:59 am

    She doesn’t want other girls to discover your awesomeness Ryan. She’s not going to call attention to you at all. I know her game :o)

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