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And the winner of Ms NFL Draft 2012 is…

My favorite subplot to the NFL Draft is catching glimpses of the rocket girlfriends these instant millionaires bring to New York with them.  It’s kind of hit or miss from year to year, but the 2012 NFL draft had just as much talent in the green room as on the stage.

Honorable Mention: Shea McClellin’s wife/girlfriend/sister.

Can’t find a picture ANYWHERE on the internet and I didn’t record the draft on the DVR so I can’t snap a picture from my TV, but the newest Bear had a nice little redhead at his table.

Second Runner-Up:  Mrs. Robert Griffin III a.k.a. Rebecca Liddicoat

Not bad RGIII, not bad at all.  This guy just keeps surprising me.  Never crossed my mind that he would have a rocket like this on his arm.  Winning the Heisman and going 2nd overall paying off for the brother.

First Runner-Up: Team Matt Kalil

Total team effort here by the Kalil entourage.  Hot girlfriend…seen that before.  Hot sister…more rare, but it happens.  Hot mom…has probably happened at some point.  However, NOBODY has ever had all three at the NFL. Showing up to the draft with the mother-sister-girlfriend trifecta makes Phil Humber’s perfect game seem common place. Effing USC guys, even the big fat linemen have smoking hot girlfriends.  Not sure if his girlfriend Mary-Kate Fitzpatrick went blonde, or if this is a new girl, but Kalil is killing it.

Miss NFL Draft 2012: Lauren Tannehill

Just wow.  Had to pick my jaw up off the floor when they panned to Lauren Tannehill.  If you read this space regularly you know my type…petite, blonde, and blue eyes.  Well Mrs. Tannehill fits that to a T.  Rocket city.  Maybe I should have become an NFL QB instead of a blogger.  Probably too late now.  Damn.

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  1. Cara
    April 30, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Keep blogging about NFL quarterbacks, maybe that little blue eyed blond will find you 🙂

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