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Should I hate my twin Jackson Harris?


Reader Email:

Hi Chief,


That girl from twitter was right, your resemblance to Jackson Harris is uncanny.  A couple of babes ;-).  I thought you’d appreciate this Jackson Harris parody of your jam “Boyfriend”.  Enjoy.





Thanks for the email Chelsea.  You thought I’d appreciate that parody by my twin huh?  I’ve got news for you…no actually I don’t appreciate it. If Jackson Harris wants to go all over the country singing songs and slaying chicks with my face…that’s fine.  Good for him.  However, I draw the line at him being funny too.  If this bro is ruggedly handsome, famous, musically gifted, and funny, he is basically leaving me with nothing.  Like throw me a bone dude.  You can’t be the better looking, more talented, AND funnier version of me.  It’s just not fair.  This video has left me with a big time inferiority complex vs myself.  Twin rivalry.  This guy is making me look like Danny Devito. Eff off Jackson Harris.



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  1. Michaela
    April 26, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    dude I can kinda see the resemblence. you’re screwed

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