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A little perspective on these racist tweets directed at Joel Ward(NSFW Language)

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A couple of thoughts on this whole thing…there are racist assholes in the world and they get a lot tougher and more vocal on twitter.  If Joel Ward scores a series winning OT goal against almost any team in the NHL there is going to be some ignorant asshole spewing this type of hateful language.  I hate the Bruins and their fans as much as the next guy, but I don’t like how people on the internet are categorizing all Bostonians as racists.  That is also ignorant.  People saying these things are the tiniest minority.  Let’s just recognize that most people aren’t racists, most Bruins fans aren’t racist, and that racism exists everywhere…not just Boston.

Having said that…I am a Boston transplant and I would say that Boston is probably the most racist city in America.  It’s not your traditional racism though.  It’s an old racism and Bostonians are equal opportunity racists.  They hate everyone.  Blacks, Asians, Irish, Italians, Catholics, Puerto Ricans, Indians, Native Americans, Mexicans, Jews, etc…Boston hates them all basically equally.  And they all hate each other. Also…people from Maine are weird, people from New Hampshire are hicks, people from Vermont are hippies, and people from Connecticut are NY and MA rejects.  Basically if your family didn’t come to America on the Mayflower you’re considered a second class citizen.  If you are from that old Boston Brahman then everyone else hate you.  For the most part though it’s an innocuous dislike/distrust.  Boston is still a progressive city.  I don’t know anybody that would hate someone or deny them a job or anything like that just because of race.  So let’s all just acknowledge that the racism in Boston exists, but it’s less than 1% of the population and it’s dying out with every passing day.

Need further proof?

NHL’s first black hockey player Willie O’Ree

Deval Patrick. Sitting Governor of Massachusetts



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  1. Canuckdoug
    April 27, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    As long as you lay off the tired riot jokes, we’re cool. A few bad apples always ruin it.

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