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Not even joking…I think this guy is legit insane.  Buddy, have you ever seen “My Girl”?  Bees can flat-out kill you.  There are very few things in life I am afraid of.  Snakes and bees are definitely on the top of that short list.  And when I say bees I do mean bees…plural.  I will square off against one bee all day long.  Give me a rolled up magazine or sandal and I will knock that bitch the eff out.  I’ll just murder the shit out of a hornet, wasp, bee, or any of their cousins.  No fear in that situation.  The minute you add a second stinger to the equation my fear gets multiplied by a 10,000.  Fighting one bee you need to have your head on a swivel, two is a complete game changer…three and I am calling the orken exterminator guy and fleeing the property.  This bro just sticks his hand into the nest and tries to abduct the queen.  Like that is just pure insanity.  This guy obviously has a death wish.  I can’t imagine the thousands of bees he is messing with are going to be too keen about him running off with their queen.  So whatever bro, keep acting tough.  I don’t want to hear you crying when you’re dead.


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