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Was this the best scene in Mad Men history? Lane & Pete square off


Last Sunday night I tuned decided to watch Mad Men instead of the West Coast NHL playoff game.  I was a little violence weary from one of the bloodiest weekends in NHL history and thought an hour of Mad Men would be a nice break….WRONG!!!  Pete Campbell and Lane Pryce threw down right in the office and it was FANTASTIC.  I have hated Pete Campbell since probably the first time he appeared on camera.  He has had an ass-kicking coming for a long time now.  I always assumed either Roger or Cosgrove would get him, but it looks like Lane is the office enforcer.  I am not a guy who likes to fight by any means, but part of me kinda hopes something goes down this weekend.  I really just want to say “Mister Drunk Guy at the bar, You and I are going to address that insult” to somebody.  If it sounds awesome coming from weird old English dude like Lane, imagine how awesome it would sound being said by an American.  I haven’t been in a real fight since I was 19, so I hope I am still tough.  It would suck to deliver that line and then get my ass kicked.


PS: When did people stop fighting like this?  I really think the world would be a much safer place if big time disagreements were settled like this.  Guy A runs his mouth.  Guy B challenges Guy A to a fight.  Guy A accepts and they square off. No weapons, no extra people jumping in, no jumping on a guy when he is knocked down, and when it’s over…it’s over.  Whoever won the fight won the argument, and then everything goes back to normal.  Nowadays anytime a fight breaks out there is a legit chance that someone ends up dead.  Everyone is soooo tough when they are talking shit with 5 of their friends standing behind them.  You never know who will pull out a knife or a bat or kick you in the head when you’re down.  No honor left in fighting anymore.  Give me Lane vs Pete style any day.


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