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Dwight Howard shuts it down for the year: U-S-A, U-S-A!!!!

(ESPN)–Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard will undergo back surgery on Friday morning in Los Angeles to repair a herniated disk, effectively ending his season and eliminating him from participation in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Howard’s agent said on Thursday night. “It hurts (emotionally),” Howard told ESPN the Magazine’s Chris Broussard. “That’s the first thing — it hurts. And then with people saying and thinking I’m quitting on my team. This is a real issue. I tried to play through it and it just made my back worse.” Howard has been complaining of back problems since early March, but it wasn’t until Los Angeles-based spine surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins examined him last week that the herniated disk was discovered. Howard received an epidural to alleviate the pain at that time, and the plan was that he’d rest and rehabilitate his back for 10-14 days before deciding if he could return to play or if further treatment might be necessary. But his back has worsened and both Watkins and the Magic’s medical staff determined surgery is necessary. Howard told Broussard he is not worried about any long-term ramifications from the surgery. “The doctor said it’s a one-inch incision,” Howard told Broussard. “He said I can start rehab right away and be back to full contact in four months. So I’m not really concerned. If anything, I’ll come back stronger.” Dan Fegan, Howard’s agent, said he hopes this development debunks any thoughts that Howard’s back problem was not serious and that he was utilizing it as an excuse not to play. Howard vehemently disputed a report that he called Magic owner Rich DeVos and said he would not play for coach Stan Van Gundy again. A report by WKMG in Orlando said Howard called DeVos during last Friday’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks.


I never want guys to get injured.  I always want the best players to be on the floor.  Best against best.  Having said that…I am positively elated that Dwight Howard hates Stan Van Gundy so much that he is willing to have fake back surgery on a fake herniated disc just so he can quit on his team and never play for Van Gundy again.  This back injury not only means that Dwight Howard will be out for the remainder of the year, but it also knocks him out for the  2012 Summer Olympics in London.  HALLELUJAH!!!  There isn’t an athlete on the planet that I hate more than Dwight Howard.  People who read this space regularly are aware of my laundry list of reasons.  I don’t just regular-hate Dwight, I “Lebron-hate” him.  There is no higher level of hate than “Lebron-hate”.  It was going to make me sick having to root for him when he suited up for Team USA Basketball this summer.  This little fake back injury completely solves that problem for me.  Now we just need to trade Lebron to like China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia for either cash or $3.25 per gallon gas and we’ll be all set.  U-S-A, U-S-A!!!


PS: If USA Basketball or Coach K let me pick the roster for the 2012 Olympic Team it would be as follows:

PG- Derrick Rose

SG- Kobe Bryant

SF- Kevin Durant

PF- Kevin Love

C- Tim Duncan

Bench: Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook,  Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Tyson Chandler, and Lamarcus Aldridge.


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