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Lebron lives in some sort of bizarro world

(ESPN Heat Index)–In the final week of his ninth regular season, James has emerged as a strong contender to win his third Most Valuable Player Award. If he wins, he would be just the eighth player in history to win it three times. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the only player to win three at a younger age than James, who turned 27 in December. James is fully aware of this historical context. “It would mean a lot, honestly, it would mean a lot,” James said. “If I’m able to win it this year it would be very humbling knowing the caliber of guys who have won it three times.””I remember me being a little, scrawny guy from Akron, Ohio, and watching so many greats either watching live or watching games, knowing and loving the history of the game and seeing the guys who have paved the way for myself. I’ve always respected that. I’ve always respected the talent that came before me.” The difference between those players and James, of course, is that all of them had won championships by the time their careers were over. Chamberlain and Malone both won their third MVP in the year they got their first championship. But that lack of a title to this point may not affect how the voters who select the MVP view James. In a sampling of veteran NBA journalists and broadcasters who vote, none said historical context would play a role on how they would vote on the award this year.

This is the thing that frustrates me maybe the most about Lebron.  It’s like he just doesn’t get it.  He is just completely delusional.  Let’s pretend for a minute that Lebron is the league MVP this year and not Kevin Durant…does that change anything?  It almost reinforces everything that I already know.  When the games don’t mean as much, LBJ is your guy.  He is the best player in the league when his team is up by 20 points in the 2nd half, but he has proved his entire career that he will flat-out quit if teams challenge him in the playoffs.  When he was in Cleveland he quit against the Celtics.  Just pissed away the series because he didn’t feel like getting checked by Pierce or taunted by KG after Game 4.  Then he somehow managed to hit a new low in the Finals last season against the Mavs.  Even though he fails repeatedly, he still likes to throw his name in the mix with guys like Bird, Jordan, Magic, and Kareem.  It’s like one of those standardized test questions…”Which one of these doesn’t belong?” Answer: The pretentious loser dickhead without a ring.  The best part about this whole soliloquy that Lebron went on was that this year he is just out there having fun without a care in the world…obviously last year during the Finals he showed how much he cared.  What’s he going to do this year now that it’s just all about fun…just literally not show up?  I mean that’s probably the only way he could be less of a playoff failure.  If he flat-out refused to play.

Oh and another thing Lebron…you can quit it with the whole two head band thing…

everyone knows what’s up LBJ…


This is way more pathetic that Boozer drawing on his head with a sharpie.


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