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BULLS WIN!!! LETS DANCE!!! Bulls at Bobcats recap


Ho-hum, just another road blowout victory.  Rest up Derrick Rose, the team is in good hands.  Didn’t even need Luol Deng for this one.  Thibbs just rolled the ball out there and Rip and the Bench Mob took care of the rest.  I guess if you’re going to play back-to-back nights, you want the first game to come against the Bobcats.  Let everyone get a little burn, break a sweat, win by a bazillion and get out of there.  Best thing about the game(other than staying healthy) was Rip Hamilton.  Great game.  Scored 22 points on 9-for-13 shooting in just 24 minutes.  So what if he looks like he is held together by duct tape, chicken wire, and string?  If Rip can contribute quality minutes like that he adds a big time dimension this team has been missing.  Big game tonight.  Have to lock up home court advantage tonight against Lebron and the Heat, but that’s later tonight.  For now…Bulls win…it’s not unusual…LETS DANCE!!!




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