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Turns out Texas A&M is a fit for the SEC afterall

(CBS Sports)–Well, Texas A&M, you are new to the SEC conference, and you may not be new to the game, but it seems you’re new to the geography of the SEC. You see, while North Carolina is a lovely state, with some delicious barbecue, what it isn’t is the home state of any school that calls the SEC home. North Carolina, Duke, N.C. State, these schools all belong to the ACC.
Maybe they confused North Carolina for Missouri, which you’ll notice is missing from the shirt as well. Thankfully this shirt isn’t by the school itself and isn’t for sale on the Texas A&M website, and is being sold by some hopeful entrepenuer looking to make some money on A&M’s latest move. If only that person had done a bit more research before printing these up. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the state of Texas is represented on the back of the shirt. They weren’t that stupid. While we sympathize with Aggieland Outfitters’ plight, we can’t help but have a chuckle at the insistence that it’s “simply not true” that the entire institution of Texas A&M “doesn’t know geography.” Good to know!

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I was wondering if Texas A&M was dumb enough for the SEC.  Kind of felt like maybe they’d have to hang out with Vanderbilt in the corner talking about current events and shit while the other 12 schools were crushing beer cans on their heads.  Well…turns out that the Aggies are just as dumb as the other SEC power houses.  Definitely new to the conference…because apparently they don’t even realize who is in the conference.  There aren’t any SEC schools in North Carolina and they left off Missouri and TEXAS!!! Welcome to the SEC Texas A&M.  Work hard and you’ll be having academic fraud, improper benefits, and sex scandals before you know it.



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