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Menounos vs Jenkins is the rivalry of the decade



There are only two dancers worth watching at this point and it’s Maria Menounos and Katherine Jenkins.  Two absolute bombshells who couldn’t be more different.  This rivalry on Season 14 Dancing With The Stars is Ali-Frazier, Magic-Bird, and the entire Rocky series all rolled into one.  Just an epic showdown.  I really thought Maria Menounos was done for after Katherine just swiped Derek Hough right in her grill, but Maria Menounos didn’t hear no bell.  Came back this week just absolutely dripping in sex….again.  Maria is throwing her best fastball right in Katherine’s wheel house and daring her to hit it.  Maria knows that sex sells so she is getting down and dirty.  Wearing nothing, shaking that ass, making out on the dance floor, anything goes.  America loves it, the judges love it, even looked like Derek Hough was into it.  My question is…how long can Katherine just turn the other cheek?  I mean yeah…Katherine Jenkins got nearly a perfect score from the judges, but it was Latin night…which is supposed to mean one thing…SEX! Yet I didn’t feel it in my plums once during this dance.  I love Katherine, but I just don’t think you can take the high road to victory.  Right now Katherine is winning the hearts and minds, but Maria has America by the balls.  So the score is 2-2.  It’s time for Katherine to step up her sex game.  Use that cleavage.  Fight fire with fire.  You can do it Katherine.


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