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TUPAC IS ALIVE!!! Performs at Coachella


(Newser)–All of Snoop Dogg’s guests during his set last night at Coachella were impressive—Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent—but none could quite match an appearance by the late Tupac Shakur. Death didn’t stop the legendary rapper, who appeared as a hologram, from dueting with Snoop on songs like “Come With Me” and “Hail Mary.” “What’s up, Coachella?” Shakur asked the crowd. Twitter went wild, notes the Hollywood Reporter, which gathers up some winning tweets. Our favorite: “Was completely freaked out by the Tupac hologram and I’m fairly certain I was one of five people out of 100,000 not on drugs.” Snoop himself was among them, smoking pot onstage uninhibited. Some 98 people have been arrested at the music festival thus far, unsurprisingly mostly for substance use.

When I was living straight gangsta in the halls of McKelvie Middle School in Bedford, New Hampshire, the 5th grade Chief was Bad Boy Records through and through.  100% Eastside or die.  But the whole rivalry got out of control.  The War claimed rap’s two biggest stars.  Brooklyn’s Jesus was shot for no effing reason.  I am glad the violence and venom calmed down enough for Tupac to come back from the dead.  If there is one thing I learned from “The Sandlot” it’s that heroes get remembered, but legends never die.


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