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Canucks suffering from the dreaded Presidents Trophy hangover

Way to show up for the post-season Canucks.  I mean I know completely collapsing is a time-honored playoff tradition for the Canucks, but usually they wait until after the first round at least.  I guess this is what happens when a team is gutless and marshmallow soft though.  They haven’t played a meaningful game all year since they play in the worst division in the NHL.  I am just glad the entire nation is on to their bullshit.  Chicago fans have been telling people around the league for years that they are nothing but a bunch of flopping, whining, gutless team that plays like they have been imported from the KHL.  I had Vancouver in 7.  I gave them too much respect.  I should have known that they would absolutely quit against a physical, hard-working, defense-first team like the LA Kings.  It’s the worst possible match-up for them.  I am marginally upset.  I really wanted the Blackhawks to play the Canucks in round 2 as retribution.  There is nobody in sports I like to beat more than the Canucks.  Having said that…it’ll be fun to watch heads roll and cars burn in Vancouver after they get swept by an 8 seed.  Back to back Presidents Trophies though…congrats….nobody wins more participation certificates than the Vancouver Canucks.

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