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When did Vietnam become a nation of bosses?

Honestly, I don’t know who I respect more in this video.  I have had a handful of traffic violations in my 26 years and di you know how many times I have thought about speeding off as the officer walked to the car…EVERY TIME.  I just hate speeding tickets.  Like if I am driving this fast, can’t the law just assume that I probably have a good reason and leave me alone? There are real criminals to catch.  So the fact that this Bus driver pulled that move is impressive.  However, this traffic cop just kept raising the stakes.  Hanging on for dear life at 50MPH.  Just a refuse to lose attitude.  Broke this run-away bus driver’s will.  Love it.

Then last week… this video went viral…


Using your arms to row a raft down the Ho Chi Minh River is soooo 20th century.  Eff that noise.  This guy just sitting in the shade using an excavator like a boss.  Probably has some boat bunnies on there too.  The Vietnamese using American ingenuity like you read about.  Those guys have come a long way since we let them win that war 50 years ago.


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