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Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more attracted to Katherine Jenkins…

(Toronto Sun)–Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins and dancer Derek Hough have fuelled rumours of a romance after they were spotted enjoying an intimate night out in Los Angeles earlier this week.The classical superstar is currently taking part in U.S. TV series Dancing With The Stars, and was rumoured to have struck up a close friendship with Hough, who performs as a professional dancer on the show. The pair proved to be enjoying each other’s company while partying at The House of Blues on Monday, when they were snapped embracing and whispering to each other on the dancefloor. They appeared to beam with happiness as they enjoyed a cosy chat. Jenkins, who split from fiance Gethin Jones in December, had previously been linked to her dance partner, Mark Ballas, but she dismissed the reports – insisting their relationship was purely platonic.

IN YOUR FACE MENOUNOS!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!! Maria Menounos has been trying to wheel this Derek Hough guy the entire show.  Absolutely drooling over him.  Couple weeks ago, I admit it, she brought her best fastball.  Just dripping in sex.  Even kissed Hough on the dance floor.

No big deal.  Katherine just responded with the power move of all power moves.  Just swooped right in and stole Maria’s partner and crush right in her face.  Just nothing Menounos can do about it.  Wouldn’t surprise me if Maria just quits now.  Katherine is so deep in Maria’s head it’s not even funny.  This is a total game changer for me.  Like I didn’t know my love for Katherine could go to another level.  She is so sweet 99% of the time, but at the end of the day she just takes what she wants and does whatever it takes to win.  Just such a turn on.  She literally couldn’t be more perfect.


PS: I know a lot of people are probably thinking “Chief, how can your future wife hooking up with another dude be a turn on? Shouldn’t you be rattled?” Umm…get with the program people. First of all…I just turned 26…def not ready for a committment. Secondly, Katherine just called off an engagement.  This Derek bro is just a rebound guy.  I am in it for the long haul.  Do you honestly think that Katherine would rather end up with some jacked, rich, famous, professional dancer instead of a hilarious blogger?  You can only talk about the Waltz for so long.  Eventually chicks want to end up with the guy who can make them laugh.


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